The GOP’s Commitment to America

With Republican leaders scheduled to officially unveil their “Commitment to America” today in Pittsburgh, we thought you might be interested in seeing a special preview of this Commitment, which will spell out the GOP agenda if the party holds a majority in the House of Representatives next year. The preview includes essays written by 6 of the 7 Task Force Chairs who were responsible for developing this agenda.  The essays and authors include:


Congress Will Hold Big Tech Accountable and End its Abuse of Power


Big Tech is a destructive force. It actively works against free speech on its platforms by silencing content it disagrees with. Meanwhile, these companies continue to manipulate, harm, and exploit children for profit, ignore parents, and refuse to publicly acknowledge how their platforms endanger children’s mental health and well-being. Big Tech isn’t transparent about how Americans’ personal information is being stored in and accessed by countries like China. Big Tech has betrayed our trust, which is why House Republicans established the Big Tech Task Force to develop proposals that hold these companies accountable. …

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China is Stealing Our Technology and That Will Come to an End


Over the last few decades, we have seen American innovation stolen and sold to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), putting our technological leadership at risk of being overtaken.

Specifically, our export control system has failed to protect U.S. technologies from fueling the rise of our adversaries’ militaries and surveillance regimes. The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) within the Department of Commerce is overseeing a system that keeps very little technology away from the PRC.

Technological leadership will determine the outcome of our great global competition with the People’s Republic of China. They are using their Military-Civil Fusion Strategy to remove any barriers for its military to access technology being used in, or developed by, the commercial sector. If BIS continues to mindlessly green light sensitive technology sales, the PRC will use it against us. …

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Border Security Will be a Higher Priority if Republicans Win Back the House


House Republicans will keep our commitment to American security by building physical barriers along the Southwest border, investing in new and cutting-edge technology to support border security, hiring and training new front-line Border Patrol agents, and mitigating the free flow of fentanyl plaguing communities across the country. Additionally, we will work to force the Biden administration to reinstate the effective Migrant Protection Protocols, expand the use of Title 42 expedited removal authority to include all public health emergencies, and fix bad asylum policies that are pull factors and sources of enrichment for drug cartels while protecting those with legitimate claims. …

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Congress Should Focus on Growing the Economy, not the Bureaucracy


Americans are fed up with Democrats’ one-party rule in Washington. The left’s out-of-control spending has led to sky high consumer prices — devastating workers and families. Real wages are falling and everyday essentials like groceries, housing, and energy are unaffordable. Thanks to Democrat-induced inflation, more than three in five Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck.

Last year, Democrats attempted to sell their so-called American Rescue Plan as a panacea for our economic recovery from the pandemic. Instead, the American people were saddled with 40-year high inflation, a crushing labor shortage, and supply chain bottlenecks. …

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House Republicans Have Better Solutions to Address Climate Change and Will Restore U.S. Energy Dominance


Unlike the botched policies we’ve seen under the Biden Administration, our agenda won’t kill American jobs or make American energy more expensive through increased taxes and regulation. Instead, House Republicans are focused on solutions that make American energy cleaner, more affordable, and more accessible so we can reduce emissions around the world while growing American jobs and lowering costs for the American people.

With proper leadership and a cohesive energy strategy – something we are missing from the Biden administration – we can restore U.S. energy dominance, decrease global emissions, and help drive down energy prices. If Republicans earn back the House majority in the fall, we will be ready to enact this strategy. …

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We Will Commit to a Healthier Future


Democrats’ attempts to “fix” problems in health care with a top-down, Washington-knows-best approach leave too many Americans without access to adequate care. After more than a year and a half of Democrat control in Washington, we have seen Democrats push for one-size-fits all, government-run health care that gives more power over patients’ health care to bureaucrats and enact laws that result in fewer medical cures for patients, higher launch prices for drugs, and subsidized health care for wealthy Americans.

Republicans’ Healthy Future Task Force, which we co-chair, has a different vision that involves modernizing, personalizing, and improving the health care system to help Americans live healthier, longer lives. The Task Force has spent over a year engaging the American people and listening to their experiences with the health care system. Our members hosted roundtables and heard directly from doctors, patients, and companies working on cutting-edge technologies and therapies. …

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