The Ripon Forum

Volume 40, No. 4

Aug - Sept 2006 Issue

A Note from the Chairman Emeritus

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Amidst all the despair and uncertainty that gripped the nation following September 11, 2001, there remained a feeling of resolve: resolve to fight terrorism; resolve to defend freedom; resolve to put the tragedy behind us and continue down the more than 200-year old path of democracy.

Five years later, America now finds itself engaged in what President Bush has called “The Long War.” There can be no doubt the war for America began the day we were attacked. But as Dr. Walid Phares argues in his essay, “The Patient Enemy,” the war actually began after the Cold War concluded, when Jihadi terrorists determined that U.S.-led democracy was now the enemy.

We take a look at America’s enemy in this issue of The Ripon Forum, but not before Homeland Security Chairman Peter King gives us an update on what’s being done to keep America more secure. In addition, the Pentagon’s future-warfare czar, Terry Pudas, takes a look at one of the main threats facing our military today, while Parney Albright, the Department of Homeland Security’s first-ever Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology, examines one area that is keeping us safer today. And James Gass discusses a challenge that remains in the effort to keep our Nation more secure.

In addition, two veteran lawmakers identify big organizational problems in both the Executive and Legislative branches. Former Senator and 9/11 Commission member Slade Gorton finds Congressional oversight wanting, while former Congressman Bob Walker demonstrates the need for Executive Branch reform. And Jim Laychak talks about the effort he is heading up to build a 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon. Finally, Clay Sell, the Deputy Secretary for Energy, discusses the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership and how it will keep us, and the world, more secure.

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Ripon Forum and remember not only those who lost their lives on September 11, but also those who have given and continue to risk their lives in defense of our liberty today.

Bill Frenzel
Chairman Emeritus

Ripon Society

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