Vol. 44, No. 1

Editor’s Note: In This Edition

For a generation of Americans, the phrase Morning in America and the presidency of Ronald Reagan will forever be linked. The phrase represented not just the dawning of a new day for our Nation, but the dawning of a new era for the GOP. Today, Republicans are looking for a similar phrase that captures the mood […]

Health Care Reform Reality Check

“In a desperate attempt by Senate Democrats to “make history” a health care bill was crafted behind closed doors.”

Status Report

“The failed Christmas Day terrorist attack underscores the importance of the current efforts by the United States to work with foreign governments to train, equip, and professionalize their security forces — both military and police.”

Dangerous Decision

Peter King, representative of New York, criticizes how the Obama administration tries to deal with terrorists in civilian courts, “If we are going to protect Americans in our international war on terror, Abdulmutallab and his fellow terrorists should face trial in military commissions, not in civilian courts.”

Understanding the Enemy

Congressman Dan Lungren of California spells out how we must understand the enemy in order to adapt our defenses and protect our nation, “We must understand that we face an enemy who is as elusive as they are deadly and sinister. They have made adaptations in response to the measures we have taken to protect […]

Financial Reform: Getting it Right

Phillip Swagel, previous Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy at the Treasury Department, writes a piece on how financial reform begins with good policy, not populism

The New Horizon

“After two dismal showings in the elections of 2006 and 2008, Republicans in the great political state of Ohio are ready for a comeback.”

The Winter of Ohio’s Discontent

William Binning, Ph.D. says, “The political environment in the battleground state of Ohio is shaping up to be a toxic one for incumbents in 2010. The economic challenges facing the state are chronic and severe. “

2010 Elections: Replay of 1994?

Joseph R. Gaylord outlines three important similarities between the GOP’s status in 2010 and in 1994 when Republicans won control of Congress, and three differences.

The Real State Of the Union

John Feehery writes a letter to the president addressing key issues, “Our budget is not just a little out of balance. It is out of balance in historically high terms. We are deeper in debt than we have ever been in our nation’s history.”

The Blue Dogs: All Bark and No Bite?

“From TARP to stimulus funds to health care reforms, Blue Dogs simply do not constitute a cohesive or powerful force in congressional voting.”

The Archie Manning of American Politics

“Now, with polls showing that the president is hemorrhaging support among independents and those in the political center, another view is beginning to take hold — namely, that Barack Obama is the Archie Manning of American politics, the one shining star on an otherwise hapless team. “

Ripon Profile of Jo Ann Emerson

To reclaim its congressional majority, the GOP must, “Return America to the days when an entrepreneur could make his idea a profitable reality entirely within the United States.”

Ripon Profile of Jo Ann Emerson

Name: U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson

Hometown: Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Occupation: Member of Congress

Previous Jobs: Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, American Insurance Association; Director of State Relations and Grassroots Programs, National Restaurant Association; Deputy Communications Director, National Republican Congressional Committee

Individual(s) who inspired me as a child: My father, Ab Hermann, who was the executive director of the RNC in the 1960’s. He was charged with the task of uniting our party and redefining the Republican Party to a new generation of conservatives using new technologies and media – our challenges today are much the same as the ones he took on 50 years ago.

Historical figure(s) I would most like to meet: Abraham Lincoln – he had to fight to preserve our Union and, though the challenges are different today, we have to stop runaway federal spending and work harder to preserve individual freedoms in order to guarantee the blessings of liberty for future generations of Americans.

Issue facing America that no one is talking about: People may be talking about how the manufacturing sector of the U.S. economy is hurting, but no one is talking about the changes we must make. For starters, we should expand tax incentives for American businesses to invest in modernizing equipment and to expand R&D efforts. We should also emphasize business expensing for all kinds and sizes of American businesses, instead of depreciation, to speed the benefits of tax treatments to the U.S. economy at a critical time. Finally, we must make wise choices in government to curb wasteful and redundant spending in favor of investments in public infrastructure – chiefly transportation infrastructure – to create lasting, stable jobs in America.

What the GOP must do to reclaim its congressional majority: Simply put, but not so simple to do, we must return America to the days when an entrepreneur could make his idea a profitable reality entirely within the United States. Today, great business and manufacturing ideas from America are assembled in Mexico using labor from Central America, capital from Japan, energy from Brazil and the Middle East, and packaging from China. The call centers to answer questions about the resulting product are in India, and the only thing made in America is the credit card transaction to buy the thing. Public-private partnerships to achieve this goal should be a staple of a smaller, more streamlined government that encourages American economic productivity.