Vol. 44, No. 2

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The Administration of George W. Bush had many faults. But one thing you could never fault it for was failing to remember that America’s security is the first function of the federal government.

Our Path Back

The road back for America starts like this — one district at a time with a candidate who has the fire in the belly to take on the status quo.

The Safety of Our Youth

“By supporting evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies, including those which foster educational success and community involvement, we can work together to keep youth from falling victim to crime and violence.”

Military Families Are Fundamental

“In Congress and in the Administration, we must continue to work hard to make sure they have the support they deserve and have earned. Family readiness is a key component of our military readiness. “

“It’s Not Over”


Learning Lessons the Hard Way

This Texas Representative talks about Obama’s “image rehabilitation” mindset and how that has opened him up for criticism. “The President seems to be learning the hard way that when it comes to national security, style does not relegate substance irrelevant.”

The Trillion Dollar Gap

“The news that the national economy may be out of deep water couldn’t be more welcome. But many states are still in danger of drowning. “

The Sino-American Relationship

“The severity of the financial news at home and the speed with which China has recovered have intensified the fears of many Americans that their future economic opportunities will be eroded as 1.3 billion Chinese become ever more active in the global market place.”

A Great Time to Start a Business

Dan calls for Congress to relieve the fear small businesses owners have of crippling taxes in this economy, “Uncertainty about policy changes that will increase business costs is a growing concern among small business owners struggling through a tough economic climate.”

Another Bellwether from Massachusetts

“Until recently, few people looked to Massachusetts as a predictor of political trends. It was too blue to be a bellwether. The election of Scott Brown changed that.”

Driven to Distraction

Washington is sending mixed messages when it comes to texting and technology in our cars

You Say You Want a Revolution?

“McCain, who holds a large but not insurmountable lead over Hayworth, may choose to run as an Independent if the Tea Partiers come out against him and his lead vanishes as a result.”

Ripon Profile of John Hoeven

“We must do better in creating a responsible, dependable business environment at all levels of government to get our economy moving again, and get people back to work.”

Ripon Profile of John Hoeven

Name: John HoevenRipon Profile-Hoeven-page-001

Hometown: Minot, North Dakota

Occupation: Governor of North Dakota

Previous Jobs: President, Bank of North Dakota; Executive Vice President, First Western Bank & Trust.

Individual(s) who inspired me as a child: My parents. They truly inspired me and have always been people of great character.
Historical figure(s) I would most like to meet: George Washington. He epitomized true leadership in so many ways and more than any other single figure, he led the way forward in the founding of our great nation.

Issue facing America that no one is talking about: We must create more legal, tax and regulatory certainty, so that businesses can invest and hire people. Right now, investment by business enterprises both large and small is held on the sidelines because business leaders face an unfriendly business environment. One example is in the energy industry, where utility, energy and venture capital companies are holding off on investing in new technologies that could produce more domestic energy with better
environmental stewardship. They do not know what the rules of the road are for recoupment of their investment. We must do better in creating a responsible, dependable business environment at all levels of government to get our economy moving again, and get people back to work.

What the GOP must do to reclaim its majority: Republicans must present our solid solutions for growing the economy, reforming health care and reducing the deficit in a strong and positive way, and act on them.