Vol. 57, No. 6

December 2023

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With the 2024 election less than 12 months away, the latest edition of The Ripon Forum examines what new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson can do to help GOP candidates on the campaign trail and the state of the race heading into next year.

Gavin & Kamala: Too Left Wing for the West Wing?

While California’s Governor and the Vice President both played starring roles in San Francisco’s decline, each has also had a significant hand in spreading the city’s radical politics beyond the peninsula.

Bidenomics Defined: What Every Voter Should Know

Compared to when Biden took office, Americans are paying 20 percent more for food and 38 percent more for gasoline. It also costs 28 percent more to keep your home warm this winter.

America’s Quantum Leadership

Breakthroughs in quantum technologies are changing the world, and unless we continue to strengthen our domestic quantum industry, adversaries like China will dominate the field.

Advice for the New Speaker: Govern Like It’s 1999

Nearly 25 years ago, Congressional Republicans, facing daunting poll numbers after a failed (and unpopular) attempt to oust President Clinton through impeachment, decided to go positive.

State of the Race: Where the candidates stand, and the issues that will matter next year

One of the important dynamics for 2024 is that if the current primary frontrunners, Biden and Trump, have a rematch, both would go into the campaign with negative brand images.

The Elections Last Month & the Lessons for the Coming Year

The election results in November did not point to big problems for Democrats. Of course, presidential elections are different than mid-terms or odd-numbered year elections.

Candidates to Watch in 2024

We asked top GOP strategists a simple question — when you look out across the country, who do you see as being some of Republican rising stars that America will be hearing more about next year?

Should the Electoral College be Preserved? Yes, it Protects Against Tyranny

Abolishing the Electoral College would be mistake. It helps make self-government work. Delegates to the Federal Convention rejected allowing the people to elect the president directly.

Should the Electoral College be Preserved? No, it is Time to Bid Farewell to the Electoral College

The Electoral College, a mechanism devised to preserve the relative electoral power of smaller states, now stands as an antiquated relic that undermines the principles of fairness and equality.

Ripon Profile of Thom Tillis

Thom Tillis explains explains why “securing our border and implementing comprehensive immigration reform” are among his top legislative priorities and what Republicans need to do to retake the Senate next year.