Vol. 57, No. 3

June 2023

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With each new week seeming to bring a new advancement in artificial intelligence, the latest edition of The Ripon Forum examines the role of Congress in regulating AI and how our lives and our world may be reshaped and impacted in the years ahead.

The Role of Congress in Regulating Artificial Intelligence

As policymakers begin to tackle the issue of AI, it is vital that we maintain the agility of our technology and strike a careful balance between protecting consumers and protecting innovation.

How AI is Reshaping the Battlefield

Data, advanced algorithms, computing power – these are the weapons that will determine the fight for information.

AI and the Future of Schooling

Advances in artificial technology create new opportunities to tackle persistent challenges in schooling. But we must be clear-eyed about the technology and how it is used.

How AI is Reshaping Transportation

AI has emerged as a transformative force in transportation, one that will affect both how we use transportation – the demand side – and how we supply transportation facilities and services.

How AI can Reshape Lawmaking in the U.S. Congress

The integration of AI into the lawmaking process has the potential to significantly reshape the way laws are created and implemented — just ask ChatGPT.

Memo to Washington: AI Needs Your Full Attention … Now!

The development and deployment of this one specific type of AI technology — large generative models such as GPT4 — is outpacing our ability to understand their strengths and limitations.

Bring Back Conference Committees

Like so many aspects of the legislative process, the Conference Committee has fallen victim to the dramatic shift of congressional power to party leadership.

Should America Continue to Accept Asylum Seekers? Yes.

America has always been a land of refuge and will continue to be so. That is the easy part of any debate about refugee and asylum issues.

Should America Continue to Accept Asylum Seekers? No.

Today, the U.S. has needlessly made the administration of providing refugee protection confusing by creating two separate paths and processes: An alien overseas applies for refugee protection, while an alien at our border or inside the U.S. applies for asylum.

Ripon Profile of María Elvira Salazar

The Representative of Florida’s 27th Congressional District discusses her time in Congress and her legislative priorities.