Featured Debates and Differing Perspectives

  • The Republican Party and the Black Vote – A Q&A with J.C. Watts

    The former Oklahoma Congressman and Chairman of the House Republican Conference has some strong words for his party over its efforts – or lack thereof – to win support among African American voters.

  • The Search for Common Ground – A Q&A with Howard Baker

    The former Tennessee Senator discusses a bipartisan effort he is leading to break the political logjam and forge a consensus on some of the key challenges facing our Nation.

  • “It gave people something to vote for.” – Q&A with Haley Barbour

    When Haley Barbour became Chairman of the Republican National Committee in 1993, the prospects for the GOP’s future looked rather grim. The party was coming off an election that saw it lose the White House for the first time in 12 years, and Democrats were led by a charismatic young President who came to town…