The Ripon Forum

Volume 40, No. 5

Oct - Nov 2006 Issue

A Note from the Chairman Emeritus

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In October 1964, Ronald Reagan delivered a televised speech to the nation called, “A Time for Choosing.” 

In it, Reagan stated his belief that “the issues confronting us cross party lines.” He discussed what those issues were, and then explained why the Republican Party, led by presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, would do a better job solving them. 

Of course, Goldwater tanked that year, and Republicans in Congress didn’t fare much better. But the speech launched Reagan’s political career. It also launched a revolution of new ideas that helped Reagan win the Presidency in 1980 and helped Republicans win control of Congress in 1994. 

As we approach the 2006 mid-term elections, some are saying that the Republican Party is out of ideas. And we know that, at times, the party in power is tempted to eschew good ideas for the sake of remaining in power. 

One of the goals of this issue is to provide Republicans with an opportunity to show that is not the case. On a range of topics from national security to taxes, we have asked prominent party leaders to discuss some of the key issues that matter this election. Our line-up reads like a who’s who of the GOP. We hope you enjoy it. 

We also hope you enjoy our other features in this issue, including a debate over one of the keys to victory for Republicans this fall, and a look back at how Ronald Reagan appealed to blue collar voters. We also discuss party politics with a prominent GOP speechwriter. 

Elections are indeed a time for choosing. This one is no different. We encourage all of our readers to study up on the issues and learn about the candidates. And most of all, we encourage you to vote.

Bill Frenzel
Chairman Emeritus

Ripon Society

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