Vol. 54, No. 2

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The Ripon Society has long believed that America works best when Americans work together.  With a global pandemic paralyzing our country and the world, we decided to publish a Special Edition focused on those Americans who are doing just that.

On the Front Lines of the Fight

Neil Ehmig is a military veteran representing the next generation. Instead of going overseas, he’s fighting a battle blocks away from his home to try to keep his community safe.

A Critical Lifeline in a Time of Need

For the past two decades, Amazon and our workers have built an infrastructure to deliver goods quickly and reliably. We are proud of the role we play to ease the pain of this pandemic, serving as a lifeline for millions of consumers and small businesses.

Thank God for Truckers

Everything we need to fight COVID-19 is moved from Point A to Point B by a truck driver. Without truckers, grocery store shelves and hospital supply rooms would be empty. The result would be chaos. 

Training Displaced Workers is Key to Getting Americans Back to Work & Stimulating the Economy

By giving people a pathway to a job in the tech sector, we are helping fill an urgent need for trained and certified professionals.

A Shelter from the Storm

Shelter at home means one thing when you have a home. But what does it mean when you have no home, especially when you’re a young person on your own, unsure where to sleep, eat, or find refuge from the pandemic?

Partnerships are Key to Defeating COVID-19

We know that in order to re-open the country, testing is key. CVS Health is utilizing its expansive community presence to bring COVID-19 testing closer to home.

Doing Her Part

With wider-spread coronavirus testing needed in America, Jami Clark — a FedEx specialist and C-17 pilot with the Tennessee National Guard — took to the skies to pilot a joint overseas mission, transporting nearly one million test swabs from Italy.

To Beat this Crisis, We Need to Fight Hunger

No American should have to wonder where their next meal will come from, before, during or after a food crisis like this one. At Feeding America, this crisis has challenged our network to continue to provide nutritious meals.

The Food Industry Rewrites its Playbook on Crisis Response

It’s in times of emergency that we realize the true resiliency of our supply chain. Our industry has worked around the clock to replenish and restock shelves, while ensuring the cleanliness of stores and the safety of its associates.

How GM is Mobilizing to Combat a Global Crisis

At General Motors and across the auto industry, generations of employees have been counted on to develop solutions during times of crisis. Today is no different.

Essential Changes Required During Times of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged our country in ways we could have never imagined.  Since day one, The Home Depot has been committed to serving our community as an “essential” retailer.

Response to COVID-19 will Make Us All Stronger

Last month, Honda began building an entirely new product in our 40-year history of building things in America – diaphragm compressors for life-saving ventilators to help victims of COVID-19.

Bringing a Long History of Innovation to the Fight Against COVID-19

At Sanofi, the drive to transform the practice of medicine has taken on increased urgency for everyone in the Sanofi family since the global emergence of COVID-19.

Delivering Hope With Every Package

While the coronavirus continues to impact all facets of our everyday lives, one thing hasn’t changed at all: our customers are counting on us, and we’ll keep delivering for them.

Combating COVID-19 

How can the USO continue to be the Force Behind The Forces® of the five million active duty, Guard, Reserve and family members in the wake of COVID-19 when so much of the tempo of military life has changed?  Our answer, “Change with it.”

PhRMA Member Companies Tackle COVID-19 From All Angles

PhRMA members are working around the clock to research and develop new vaccines and treatments, as well as test existing medicines to help those infected with the virus.

Delivering Hope With Every Package

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a number of unprecedented changes, for individuals and for companies. Most Americans are sheltered in place, and many businesses, local and national, are struggling to survive as a result – developing plans to ensure employee safety, protect customers, and shift manufacturing and operating procedures all weigh heavily on executives and front-line workers alike.  

Changes are happening at UPS, too. For example, we’re no longer requiring signatures for any packages to be delivered, instead using other ways to verify a customer’s identity so that drivers and customers can maintain social distancing measures. We’ve implemented enhanced cleaning procedures in all of our facilities, and our vehicles are being cleaned more often, especially on door handles and other frequent touch points. While some UPSers are able to work from home, most are on the front lines where masks and gloves are available for all employees who are working in facilities or vehicles. 

In addition to protecting and supporting our own employees and customers, we’re also providing resources to community organizations. The UPS Foundation has announced more than $21 million in local aid, and UPS has donated thousands of N95 masks and other supplies to first responders, healthcare workers and other front-line heroes, including local police and fire departments.

Despite these changes, UPS drivers and pilots have been designated as essential services workers, and they continue to deliver critical healthcare supplies and everyday necessities. While some parts of their job are different, these service professionals haven’t waivered in their commitment to world-class customer service – or support for their fellow UPSers.

We all need to work together to knock this thing out as quickly as possible to help other people.

For example, 33-year UPS driver Gina Cribbs out of Ft. Worth, Texas, went to her facility on a day that she wasn’t even working and cleaned more than 70 package cars for her coworkers who would soon be headed out on their routes. 

“I want to do my part to make sure we’re all a little bit safer,” Gina said. “We all need to work together to knock this thing out as quickly as possible to help other people.”

Another UPS driver, Jeff Rardin in South Holland, Illinois, recently assisted with a White House request to transport a large shipment of personal protective equipment (PPE) to a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) distribution site. He talked about what it feels like to answer the call in our country’s time of need.

“These supplies will potentially save someone’s life. And, they’ll help keep this virus from spreading. They’ll protect patients and the health care workers taking care of them. You just can’t put a price on that,” Jeff said. “I’m really excited UPS Freight was called on by the White House to expedite this shipment.” 

UPS driver Steve Lopez out of Long Beach, California, has also talked about what it’s like to deliver during a pandemic – especially to customers who feel like family because he has served the same route for more than two decades.

“I’ve known these people for so many years. I’ve been to their weddings. I’ve been to their birthday parties.” Steve said when he was recently featured on Live With Kelly and Ryan. “One of my friends from the east coast had never heard of a piñata, so for their daughter’s first birthday I actually brought them a piñata so they could knock it out.” 

In a separate video, Steve talked about how important his role is to helping his customers – our communities – get through this crisis.

“We’re not cops, we’re not firemen, we’re not healthcare workers – doctors and nurses – but we are essential to getting people the items that they need dearly,” he said. “I’m not just delivering water and toilet paper. I’m delivering medical supplies, people’s prescription pills. So it makes me feel really proud of the company I work for and what a great job we are doing.” 

Our customers are counting on us, and we’ll keep delivering for them.

Customers and elected officials across the country have also recognized how important UPS’s work is for the economy and for everyday people in these unprecedented times. President Trump even invited UPS Freight driver Charlton Paul to his “Celebrating America’s Truckers” event.

In talking to Fox News about that opportunity, Charlton also discussed what he’s taken away from the experience of delivering to the front lines of a global pandemic. 

“We’re Americans, we’re strong, and when it’s time to stick together, we put all our differences aside and we come together,” Charlton said. “We will win this war against this virus.”

UPS drivers in brown trucks across the country are bringing hope to millions of Americans with every delivery they make. While the coronavirus continues to impact all facets of our everyday lives, one thing hasn’t changed at all: our customers are counting on us, and we’ll keep delivering for them.

Marcel Dubois is the Senior Vice President of UPS Public Affairs and Franklin Center for Global Policy Exchange Board Member