Vol. 47, No. 2

Spring 2013 Issue

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According to political experts, one of the key constituencies of the past few elections has been “Walmart moms.” These are the moms, these same experts tell us, who have at least one child at home and shop at Walmart at least once a month. In all likelihood, they are also moms who shop at Walmart because […]

Leaning on Principle to Set an Example

Following the passing of Margaret Thatcher, Texas Rep. Mac Thornberry reflects on her lasting legacy.

The Housing Rebound and the Continuing Need for Reform

At a time when the housing market has begun to recover, a recent report offers major housing finance reforms.

Union Work on the Taxpayers’ Dime

The Florida Congressman discusses the need to protect taxpayers’ dollars from federal employee misuse.

“Relentlessly Positive” – A Q&A with Rick Snyder

The Michigan Governor discusses how he approaches his job and his effort to provide value to the taxpayers of his state.

Governor Snyder’s Performance Dashboards: Driving Accountability in Michigan

A look at Governor Snyder’s effort to deliver quality service to the people of Michigan and the unique way he measures results.

In Case of Emergency

While Detroit is desperate for a turnaround, learn how a governor is committed to making it happen.

A New Model for Local Governance

Sandy Springs, Georgia is thriving and outsourced city services are to credit.

The Texas Model for Prosperity

A look into how Texas is going beyond government subsidies for growth.

Preventing Another Fast and Furious

The investigation into Fast and Furious has garnered headlines, but oversight and media coverage simply isn’t enough.

Ripon Profile of Deb Fischer

“I think everyone knows that I’m conservative. I believe in limited government. I believe in government — you must set priorities, and then make tough decisions on how to fund those priorities.”