The Ripon Forum

Volume 41, No. 4

Aug - Sept 2007 Issue

A Note from the Chairman Emeritus

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One of the goals of the Ripon Forum has always been to shine a spotlight on little known issues that were not receiving much attention.

In this edition of our journal, we have decided to do something slightly different – mainly, shine a spotlight on a well known issue that, we believe, is being virtually ignored. 

The issue is global trade.  Over the past eight months, it has become increasingly obvious that trade has become less and less of a priority on Capitol Hill. Trade agreements reached with other countries have not been voted on, and the President’s Trade Promotion Authority has not been renewed.

As a result, America has been left handcuffed on the world stage. Of course, the real victims here are the American consumers, who lose the opportunity to have better choices and better prices for the things they buy.

In this edition of the Forum, we take a look at what some of these benefits are, and the politics that are standing in their way. We have an exceptional group of leaders and experts to help us do this, including Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, former U.S. Trade Rep Carla Hills, and Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota.

In addition to trade policy, we also examine some other pressing topics in this edition. Congressman Fred Upton writes about the coming transition from analog to digital television broadcasting and what it means to first responders. Homeland Security expert Randall Larsen assesses the performance of the Department of Homeland Security six years after 9/11. And Jim Squires, who served as Ross Perot’s press secretary when he ran for President, reflects on the ’92 campaign and offers some advice for third party candidates running today.

As with all editions of the Forum, we hope you enjoy what we have put together, and encourage you to contact us at with your thoughts and comments on anything you read.

Bill Frenzel
Chairman Emeritus
Ripon Society

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