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Volume 44, No. 4

Fall 2010 Issue

Ripon Profile of Tim Scott

By on October 21, 2014

Name: Timothy E. Scott Congressman-elect,
South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District

Hometown: Charleston, SC

Professional Experience: Tim Scott and Associates (Allstate Insurance Agency); Pathway Real Estate Group (Partner)

Past Political Activities: Charleston County Council 1995-2008 (Chairman for 4 years); SC State House of Representatives 2009-Present

Why did you run for Congress in the first place? I believe that South Carolina and Washington need a conservative voice in the House of Representatives. My commitment to cut spending, reduce taxes, fight against nationalized health care, reduce government bureaucracy, and grow our economy compelled me to run for Congress.

In the last 225 years, who is the Member of Congress you admire the most?
Jack Kemp

What was the most unexpected question you heard on the campaign trail (and what was your answer?) “Why are you a conservative?” My answer to those who inquire is that I firmly believe in the conservative values of hard work, religious faith, limited government, and giving back to the community. I believe that the people should control their own destinies, not the federal government, and I will fight for the fundamental values and rights on which our country was founded.

What are your top three legislative priorities looking ahead to next year? The top three legislative priorities for me as I look ahead into the next year are cutting spending, reducing taxes, and fighting against nationalized health care for a more sensible approach to our nation’s health care system.

If you ever get a day off, what are you going to do? Take my mother to dinner after working out

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