Vol. 44, No. 4

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Ripon Society Holds Post-Election Briefing to Review Mid-Term Results

WASHINGTON, DC — The Ripon Society hosted a breakfast briefing on Thursday, November 4th to review the results of the mid-term elections and discuss the reasons Republicans had, electorally speaking, one of the most successful years in the history of the GOP. The breakfast featured some of the leading political minds in Washington, including: Congressman […]

“What Do We Do Now?”

“Simple, unadorned ‘opposition’ is mistaken, from both the policy and political perspectives.”

“What Do We Do Now?”

“Stop this spending spree.”

“What Do We Do Now?”

“Extending tax cuts isn’t a political slogan – it’s an economic necessity to our country.”

“What Do We Do Now?”

“We expect Republicans to be focused on the People’s agenda, not the party’s agenda.”

“What Do We Do Now?”

“Be Brave.”

“What Do We Do Now?”

“This is the moment for Republicans to define our party once again…”

On This, We Can Agree

After a divisive election, the Maine Senator argues that Republicans must focus on the many issues that unite the party.

Working Together in a Partisan World

With Washington divided by the political extremes, the former New Jersey Governor makes the case for across-the-isle problem-solving.

A Recovery Shipwreck: Can it be avoided?

At one level, the politics and the economics of 2010 appear daunting. Pundits claim that the recent election will only divide government, the two major political parties can’t get along, and government shutdown will be the only real issue discussed.

Divorce and the Deficit Commission

Stacy relates the reasoning behind why voters divorced from the Democratic party to that of a marriage; “They divorced the Democratic Party over more than money. It was also the uncertainty caused by intrusive, coercive fiscal policies.”

The Case for Michigan

Sandy discusses the underrated importance of the state of Michigan, pointing out a correlation between the state and the country as a whole saying, ” The challenges faced by this great American city and this storied state are the precursor to the challenges of our nation. As goes Michigan goes America.”

A Lesson in Job Creation from the Hoosier State

Jay discusses the success of Governor Daniels, and brings up the question of whether or not he will throw his hat in the ring of the 2012 Presidential elections. “During the last decade, Tommy Thompson and a crop of innovative GOP governors proved that some of the nation’s best policy innovation comes from the states.”

Republican Heart and Soul: The Definitional Battle for the 2012 Presidential Nomination

“In recent history, presidential aspirants win by leading ideological factions to dominate their party, while simultaneously attracting independents to their candidacies.”

The Coming Generational Shift on Capitol Hill

“When Republicans won control of the House of Representatives on November 2nd, it represented not just a partisan shift on Capitol Hill, but a generational shift, as well.”

Ripon Profile of Tim Scott

“I believe that the people should control their own destinies, not the federal government, and I will fight for the fundamental values and rights on which our country was founded.”

“What Do We Do Now?”

“We expect Republicans to be focused on the People’s agenda, not the party’s agenda.”

On November 2nd, the people across this country sent a loud message to Washington that they are sick and tired of politics as usual and are demanding that things change. While most of the country literally changed from blue to red overnight, it is important to realize that the Tea Party movement is a direct result of the American people being angry, frustrated and feeling disenfranchised with both parties, especially the Republican party. The results of Tuesday night were not a vote for the Republican Party, but a vote against the progressive agenda of Obama/Pelosi/Reid.

Looking forward to the 112th Congress, the American people are expecting the Republican Party to no longer just talk the talk, but to the walk the walk as well. Over the past months, we have heard on many occasions what the Republicans planned to do when they regained power, and although they do not control the Senate or the White House, we still want to see progress. The time for talking is over and now we want action.

The people of this movement are focused on reining in the out of control spending, limiting excessive taxation, and stopping overreach and intrusion. The people expect this new Congress to extend the tax cuts, repeal Obamacare and lower the deficit. American families are cutting back all across America and our federal government should be making cuts too. No one, including a government, can spend their way out of debt. It is simple – you cannot spend more than you make. The American people understand this, and no matter how complicated the U.S. economy is they want to see our costs reined in and liabilities minimized.

If … Republicans continue to play party politics and focus on self-serving interests, they will be the first targets for the Tea Party movement in 2012.

The Tea Party movement has become a powerful political force over the past year and a half. Never before have the American people been so engaged in the political process. Going forward, we will remain engaged and continue to lobby our officials for fiscal responsibility and smaller government in Washington. We the People are tired of party politics and are focused on the issues. We expect the Republicans to be focused on the People’s agenda, not the party’s agenda. If the Republicans on Capitol Hill actually listen to the People and focus on the issues, we can have a productive working relationship over the next year. If, instead, the Republicans continue to play party politics and focus on self-serving interests, they will be the first targets for the Tea Party movement in 2012.

We expect our Representatives and Senators to respect us and to remember that they work for us. We hired them and we can fire them, just as we did to some this past Tuesday. The objective of the Tea Party movement is to send true constitutional and fiscal conservatives to Washington, not Republicans. After November 2nd, Republicans and Democrats should understand the power of the people and the power of the movement.

Amy Kremer is the Chairman of the Tea Party Express. Prior to the Fall of 2008, she had never been involved in politics.