Vol. 43, No. 4

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One of our goals for each edition of The Ripon Forum is to focus on a particular issue or theme. This current edition is no different. But as we began work on it, we began to wonder whether we had failed to accomplish this goal. This edition does, after all, feature as its cover story a terrific […]

Without Responsibility, There is No Reform

“If we can provide the proper incentives to encourage people to live healthier lives, there will be adequate money to help others deal with the cost of their care.”

The Consensus That Exists, and the Obstacles to Reform

“Once again, the nation is in the throes of debating health care reform. Although a perennial topic during Presidential elections, it has been a decade and a half since the country has been consumed by health care reform as a major issue — perhaps the major issue — of the day.”

Census and Sensibility

“In the great sea of partisanship that is the seat of federal government, a lone island of nonpartisan calm must always be the United States Census Bureau.”

The CFO Act 20 Years Later: A Smart Government Idea that is Being Ignored

“The CFO Act has raised the importance of proper accounting standards in government and increased the stature of the financial professionals. Now it is time to move to the next phase and substantially raise the bar by connecting financial accounting to better outcomes in government.”

The Invisible Battleground

“The government should legislate for the results it wants and implement the appropriate penalties, then step back and let the market figure out how to achieve those results.”

The Rise of Value Voters

“To reach independents, Republicans not only need to tap into the frustration they have over the growth of government, but tap into their desire to make government work.”

The Unbridled Growth of Federal Power and the Complacency of the States

Michael O. Leavitt states, “Without steady counter pressure from unified states, the momentum of Washington’s budget, influence and arrogance will inevitably grow.”

Right-Sizing Government

Donald Carcieri, Governor of the State of Rhode Island, discusses the fiscal challenges his state is facing, “Rhode Island doesn’t need higher taxes, it needs more taxpayers. It needs an expanding economy, not an expanding government.”

A Radical Solution for California’s Intractable Woes

“With California grappling with a crisis of historic proportions, many people feel it is time to draw upon the genius of what has always been the Golden State’s greatest resource — Californians themselves.”

A GOP Resurgence in the Northeast

Charles Bass, representative of New Hampshire, writes, “…if we are going to become the majority party again in this country, we must rise like Lazarus in the Northeast.”

Of Memoirs and Malcontents: Why the easy thing is not always the right thing to do

“With all the ingredients present for a political tell-all novel about my time as Governor Mark Sanford’s communications director, I’ve had a number of people ask when the book is hitting the shelves.”

The Ripon Profile of Jason Chaffetz

The GOP must, “Return to our true conservative principles such as a strong national defense, limited government, accountability, and fiscal discipline.”

The Ripon Profile of Jason Chaffetz

Name: Jason Chaffetz

Hometown: Alpine, Utah

Occupation: Congressman, Utah’s Third District

Previous Jobs: 16 years in the local business community; Small business owner; Chief of Staff for Governor Huntsman (Utah); Trustee, Utah Valley University

Individual(s) who inspired me as a child: My parents, Ronald Reagan, and my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Kobiashi

Historical figure(s) I would most like to meet: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Winston Churchill

Issue facing America that no one is talking about: Prison reform is one of them. The lack of personal respect, civility, and accountability is another major issue facing America that no one is talking about.

What the GOP must do to recapture its congressional majority: Return to our true conservative principles such as a strong national defense, limited government, accountability, and fiscal discipline.