Vol. 41, No. 1

A Note from the Chairman Emeritus

“The war on terror.” “It’s the economy stupid.” “Read my lips – no new taxes.”

An Answer for Roger Mudd

“Why do you want to be President?” This question stumped Ted Kennedy 28 years ago. With the 2008 campaign upon us, we ask prominent Republicans how it should be answered today.

The Year Ahead On Capitol Hill

The Chairman of the House Republican Conference talks about the legislative outlook for 2007 and what the GOP will be working to achieve.

Can a Lame Duck Soar?

If recent history is any guide, the last two years of the Bush Administration could be surprisingly productive.

What’s the Matter with Washington?

A political veteran now living and working in Kansas says something is missing in our national political debate – mainly, a sense of history.

Why Ideas Matter

The former Chairman of the RNC and current Chief Executive of Mississippi says policy, not politics, is the key to the GOP’s future.

Ideas and the Bottom Line

GE and Westinghouse were once competitors. Now, one is thriving, while the other has all but disappeared. Why? It has to do with ideas.

The Importance of Entrepreneurship to America

Small business owners are the engine of our economy.

Polling the Risk Takers

What entrepreneurs really want the government to do.

America’s New Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Increasingly, those starting new U.S. businesses are foreign-born.

Should U.S. Agriculture Subsidies be Eliminated?

No, America needs a safe, reliable, and abundant supply of food.

Should U.S. Agriculture Subsidies be Eliminated?

Yes, it’s fiscally smart and financially responsible.

Standing Up for the Underdogs

The Republican Party is looking for new ideas that will help them reclaim their Congressional Majority and hold onto the White House in 2008.

Ripon Profile of Linda Lingle

It is essential that we equip and significantly increase the number of secondary school graduates with world-class analytical and problem solving skills

A Note from the Chairman Emeritus

The war on terror.”

“It’s the economy stupid.”

Read my lips – no new taxes.” 

Each election, it seems, can be boiled down to a handful of words that sum up the issues and ideas that drive a campaign. The election of 2008 will be no different.

But for Republicans, of course, next year’s campaign is different. The party is coming off its worse loss since 1974. Then, the issues were Vietnam and Watergate. Today, the issues of war and government accountability have similar relevancy.

It took six years for Republicans to return to power after that defeat. While many attribute Ronald Reagan’s victory to the force of his personality, he would have been the first to say that it had more to do with the power of the ideas that drove his candidacy.

With this and the next few issues of the Forum, we focus on the importance of ideas in the public policy debate, and begin looking at some of the issues and ideas that could drive the campaign next year. As always, we are open to good ideas from anywhere on the political spectrum. We are also open to good ideas from you.

In this regard, let me encourage you to share your views on the ideas you believe will shape the coming debate. Simply send us an e-mail at editor@riponsociety.org.

We would like to know your thoughts!

Bill Frenzel
Chairman Emeritus
Ripon Society