The Ripon Forum

Volume 54, No. 6

December 2020

The New Guard: Michelle Fischbach (MN-7)

By on December 9, 2020

“Families across western Minnesota simply want a government that protects our communities and spends taxpayer dollars responsibly.”


Snapshot of Victory: Michelle Fischbach defeated 30-year incumbent Democrat Rep. Collin Peterson by a vote of 53.4% to 39.9%.

Background: In one way or another, Michelle Fischbach has been dutifully serving the people of Western Minnesota for over two decades. From City Hall to the halls of the State Capitol, she has advocated for commonsense conservative solutions for the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Fischbach attended St. Cloud State University, where she earned a B.A. in political science and received her J.D. from William Mitchel College of Law. In 1996, she kicked off her public service career by becoming the first woman elected to the Paynesville City Council – a post she would hold for a year before successfully running for an open Minnesota State Senate seat.

Fischbach held this seat until 2018, and during her tenure she made history by being the first woman to serve as President of the Minnesota Senate. In 2018, she became the Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota following Tina Smith’s appointment to the U.S. Senate.

Fischbach ran for Congress in 2020 because she felt the voters in Western Minnesota did not have a proper voice in the nation’s capital.

“I ran for office because it was clear that after 30 years of sending a Democrat to Washington, the people in Minnesota’s Seventh District wanted a true conservative fighting for them in Congress,” she said in a statement for the Ripon Forum. “I want to give a voice back to the Minnesota families, farmers, and small businesses by standing with them instead of standing with Nancy Pelosi.”

Legislative Goals for Congress: The economy and job creation have consistently been priorities for Congresswoman-elect Fischbach, but the recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has put even more emphasis on creating a healthy environment for economic growth. “When I am sworn in, a top priority is passing legislation that will revive our economic growth, not stifle it,” she said.

Agriculture is a particularly important piece of Minnesota’s economy. The state’s farmers and ranchers are the backbone of the economy, she explained during the campaign, and there are several ways Congress can act to help these hard-working men and women. This includes rebuilding outdated infrastructure, which would expedite the process of getting their goods to market, secure and negotiate pro-farmer trade deals, and create workforce development programs to ensure America’s workers are prepared for jobs in the 21st century.

Key Quote: “On the campaign trail, one common theme was that Minnesotans are fed up with the new Democrat Party and their far-left radical principles. From defunding the police to healthcare for illegal immigrants, families across western Minnesota simply want a government that protects our communities and spends taxpayer dollars responsibly. I look forward to bringing the stories of the incredible people I met while campaigning with me to Washington, and working for them and their values.” (Source: statement to the Ripon Forum)

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